How to Boost Event Attendance

Make it Convenient. Want a sure-fire way for your parents NOT to attend your next event?  Hold it during business hours. Parents often don’t show up because they can’t, not because they don’t want to.

Kids can be the best sales people. Every parent loves to listen tot heir child talk and tell them about their day at school.  Be sure to build the excitement for the child by continually bringing up the event for

at least a week prior.  How many times have you heard – “How many days until…” come out of your child’s mouth.  I thought so.  They can be a powerful reminder.

Speaking of sales – let them lead the way. No parent has ever refused a guided tour from their own child around their event. Parents prefer to hear from their own child what’s going on and what they’ve been working on in class.

Make it an Event. Trying to push a movie night?  Don’t just herd people into a room and fire up the movie – make it an experience.  Come up with a hand-on activity centered around the movie’s theme or lessons.  Maybe pair it with another taks such as a book report viewing or such. ip tech info .  Whatever you choose to do, it will surely set your event apart from the regular old movie nights of past.

Make it Visual. Particularly if you have parents who speak another language, school is a much more comfortable place if they are able to understand what’s going on.  Movies, hands-on activities, and explosions lend themselves to comprehension more easily than lectures.

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