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Top 5 Gifts Your Kids Want for the Holidays!

Looking for that special gift for your kiddos this year?  Don’t want to break the bank?  Here are our Top 5 gifts that just may make everyone’s year!

  1. Vacation –  We’re not talking about that trip to Spain (but if you can do it then go for it!). Rather, make it a weekend getaway. Go camping out in the woods, stay at a hotel with a pool, or just spend each day doing a certain activity (skiing, sledding, etc.). Want to make it ‘super cool’? Make it a 3 day weekend getaway and they’ll love you for life!
  2. Adventure – Make their bedroom into a wonderland. We all remember making caves out of the couch pillows – do it in their bedroom for a week. back links seo . String sheets across the room, let them sleep under the bed, or just repaint and rearrange the room to add a new sense of excitement for them. Just be sure not to hog the covers when you find yourself enjoying the setup just as much as them!
  3. A Ball – Simple enough? Every kid loves a ball. Maybe it’s as small as a super ball or maybe

    it’s a new football. Either way, this little item can go a long ways.

  4. Play date https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/viagra-naturel-femme-recette/ – Pay dates can be a blast and can also help their school week go by much faster. Promise to set up a play date at the beginning of each week and they’ll be excited everyday leading up to it. Bonus – it’s also something that can be taken away if chores aren’t met.
  5. Time – There are few things more precious than time with one’s parents. Spend time with your kiddos and they’ll remember it for years. Whether it’s a weekly game night with just the family or attending an event together, one-on-one time is always a huge hit.

Conquer the World – Just Figure Out "Why" First

We all know those people that seem to conquer the world on a daily basis while we toil among the lost souls attempting to just “get by”. We decided to take a look at some of the various ideas and concepts that help drive those to succeed.  Try applying them to your own situation and

let us know how it goes!

1. Money – Is it the best motivator?  “Money doesn’t solve everything” is a common phrase, but it just might be what gets your motor running.

2. Anxiety – Get it done before it’s too late!  How many term papers were written with this in mind?

3. The Corporate Ladder – Maybe it’s

recognition and a sense of accomplishment you’re after.  What better way to say, “I made it!” than a fancy title?

4. There Has To Be Something Better Than This, Doesn’t There? – Getting stuck in a rut is commonplace throughout one’s life, but is that rut big enough to inspire you to get out of it?

5. The Myth The Legend – What will your legacy be?

6. Time – Chaos – The world is changing so rapidly and so unpredictably that an idea that’s hot one moment will be cold 10 seconds later. Will your idea get there in time?

7. Life’s Report Card – Some can’t help but to grade

themselves on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.  What grade would you get?

8. Self-Realization – It’s what makes you happy and you just so happen to be in a place where it all works out.

9. Planning – “A goal without a plan is just a wish!” – Gaston Rebuffat.  Sometimes all it takes is a goal and http://www.cialisgeneriquefr24.com/cialis-20-gm/ a plan to get the wheels churning.

10. Just Do It – Nike was on to something with their slogan.  Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and “git ‘r done”.

Tips to Avoid Holiday Burnout

The holidays

tend to get a bit crazy. Help your little one avoid the dreaded holiday burnout with our handy list of things to do.

  • Put ’em to work.  Believe it or not, kids love to help when they can.  Especially during the holidays when everything is sparkly. Think of the little things you need to get done and add a fun twist to it – like putting all the toys away within 2 minutes!
  • Read together.  Not only is it good for your child’s learning, but it’s great bonding time.  Avoid the holiday books for this session, though.
  • Enjoy your surroundings.  Do you have a tree or other special ornaments around the house?  Take some time to enjoy each and every one with a warm cup of cocoa.
  • Pamper yourselves.  Got a hot tub? cialis generique  Fire it up!  No?  Everyone loves a nice long warm bath – even the kiddos.
  • Rest.  Pretty basic, but keep in mind that it may take much longer than usual for those eyes to shut.  Soothing background music always helps.
  • Get outdoors.  Granted you might have to bundle up, but that little bit of air will help all involved.

When Is It Really Bullying


Bullying has become a very hot topic as of late in the elementary school world. You can’t go a day without hearing some pretty tough stories and the consequences they result in. But the question is, are people now beginning to go too far with what they are considering bullying? At what point does the term bullying really apply and get brought into the conversation? Does Johnny pushing Mikey during recess really fit? What if Johnny does it every day? What if he did it for three days in a row? There are some people who would argue that it can’t happen soon enough. That no child should ever have to feel intimidated or scared because of another. But then there is the argument that kids are now missing out on the chance to grow as people and figure out how to handle confrontation by themselves. Just look to the movies that exist today to see the idea of an individual overcoming their fears or standing up to their arch nemesis. Are our children going to now miss out on these opportunities of personal growth?  Is it even growth at all?

Is there a middle ground here? Does the world have to take an ‘all or nothing’ stand on this? Because so many schools now have strict anti-bullying policies, it forces the hand of having to define bullying. Without a clearly defined explanation of what is, and what is not, that vague gray area comes into play and leaves the school in a very precarious situation by allowing their own personal judgement to come into play. It’s easy to ratchet down the screws and define it as anytime a child feels scared or threatened by another. But does Susie really deserve to be expelled for calling Betty a name? Was it really bullying? Add into this discussion the idea that different parents use such varying forms of parenting skills and we’re left with a real mess to deal with.

In the end, levitra buy canada rx it’s up to all of us to work together. We need to know our children and when a serious problem exists in their lives. We need to remember that they’re kids – and that goes for both the child being bullied and the child doing the bullying. Most of all, we need to be human and understand that this isn’t just a black and white topic – there’s lots of gray area that needs to be dealt with. In the end, it’s the kids that are the main characters in this debate and the debate

is sure to rage on for many years.

As always, we welcome your thoughts on this topic.