7-26-2017 Updates


New features:

  • PayPal integration is now available
  • Store item ‘Quantity Available’ can be set to ‘0’ manually
  • If a Store item’s quantity reaches ‘0’, the image on the storefront will display an “Out of Stock” overlay
  • The store name will now also appear in the description field in your payment processor account for easier reconciliation
  • Improved ‘Member Search Bar’ formatting to reduce space required on website
  • When creating a new Store item, the default for the “Set available dates” is now unchecked
  • Improved ability to remove Alumni from database
  • Removed Store requirement to choose a credit card processor before saving
  • Various bug fixes

6-19-2017 Updates (v2017 released)

6/19/2017 – V2017 Released

New features:

  • Redesign of Website module. Integration with WordPress as a content management system
  • Sign Up improvements to the user interface
  • Ability to create groups of tasks within a single sign up
  • Improved member profile pages and family management
  • Integration with Stripe payment processing
  • Improved mobile and tablet screen presentation
  • Updated support and help articles
  • New drag and drop email creation interface
  • Simpler domain names with the ability to use custom domains

8-12-2016 Updates


New features:

  • Member Registration and Login improvements
  • Ability to send emails to central contact for new registrations
  • Ability to send emails to central contact for user profile updates
  • New dedicated eBinder module
  • New Media module to store various files
  • Ability to create custom member profile fields
  • Improved online directory search capabilities
  • Improved Graduate and Transition School Year capabilities
  • Ability to capture member’s work information in profile
  • Improved import functionality
  • Updated page error wording
  • Improved reporting capabilities in the store module
  • New account process improvements
  • Ability to create deeper sub-categories in store module and removes item category requirement
  • Improved ‘invitation emails’ to member’s to join – creates link directly to profile record for member to verify
  • Ability to upload multiple images to store module
  • Easier editing of store URL

7-25-2016 Updates


New features:

  • AdGlare advertisement distribution system installed
  • New product – ability to purchase an ad-free version of PTOffice
  • Implementation of $1 fee on cash and check transactions
  • Ability to view cash and check invoice charges from admin side
  • Addition of Online Payment Collection sub-page for easier management of account product signup and unsign

Bug fixes

  • Default for address show settings to ‘true’ for new contact sign ups
  • On ‘Use Account Address’ when setting up new stores, sign ups, etc., zip code now fills in
  • Home page Volunteer button was showing when menu was deactivated
  • Removal of duplicate location for Home page banner insertion from Admin?Account Info page – now located from ‘gear’ on Home page when in edit mode
  • Searching for member text information in Members module resulted in multiple clicks required to edit member profile
  • Removal of gray vertical scroll bars on random store items
  • Improved spacing on website menus and sub-menus