7-25-2016 Updates


New features:

  • AdGlare advertisement distribution system installed
  • New product – ability to purchase an ad-free version of PTOffice
  • Implementation of $1 fee on cash and check transactions
  • Ability to view cash and check invoice charges from admin side
  • Addition of Online Payment Collection sub-page for easier management of account product signup and unsign

Bug fixes

  • Default for address show settings to ‘true’ for new contact sign ups
  • On ‘Use Account Address’ when setting up new stores, sign ups, etc., zip code now fills in
  • Home page Volunteer button was showing when menu was deactivated
  • Removal of duplicate location for Home page banner insertion from Admin?Account Info page – now located from ‘gear’ on Home page when in edit mode
  • Searching for member text information in Members module resulted in multiple clicks required to edit member profile
  • Removal of gray vertical scroll bars on random store items
  • Improved spacing on website menus and sub-menus