8-12-2016 Updates


New features:

  • Member Registration and Login improvements
  • Ability to send emails to central contact for new registrations
  • Ability to send emails to central contact for user profile updates
  • New dedicated eBinder module
  • New Media module to store various files
  • Ability to create custom member profile fields
  • Improved online directory search capabilities
  • Improved Graduate and Transition School Year capabilities
  • Ability to capture member’s work information in profile
  • Improved import functionality
  • Updated page error wording
  • Improved reporting capabilities in the store module
  • New account process improvements
  • Ability to create deeper sub-categories in store module and removes item category requirement
  • Improved ‘invitation emails’ to member’s to join – creates link directly to profile record for member to verify
  • Ability to upload multiple images to store module
  • Easier editing of store URL