3 Ways an Online Directory Keeps Members Engaged

By offering an online directory, you allow members to stay in touch and connected throughout the school year and holiday breaks.

Although printed versions work, they often times are not updated in real-time with member and family contact information edits. If a member doesn’t have an updated version, they will not be able to reach someone, and will have to contact an admin for updated information.

However, you can cut back on the confusion and keep members engaged with one another by offering an online directory.

Three (3) Ways Your Members Will Use an Online Directory

1. Play Dates

What’s that one kid’s name?” and “Honey, do you have their number?” isn’t the best way to start a search for your child’s play date.

When they can’t find the information, they will ask a parent who knows a parent. When that fails, they’ll get on social media. And when that fails, you the PTA/O leader are getting emails, texts, and phone calls for a list of kids.

This is undeniably our number one request when people inquire about an online directory with PTOffice.

2. Party Planning

Parents will be looking to invite their child’s classroom friends to parties. Bonus points if it’s online and accessible 24-7 which, helps them avoid bothering you or other parents and members for the information.

3. Home Check-Ins

Holiday and summer breaks mean family time together on vacation.

If a family doesn’t have relatives or friends in town, and need a helping hand ensuring their home is safe while they’re gone (plants watered, mail checked, toilets flushed, etc.), it’d be nice to have a list of familiar faces from the group that they can reach.

How PTOffice Helps Manage Your Online Directory

Our application allows you to build an online directory in minutes and not weeks.

  • Dedicated parent portal that auto-updates the directory in real time
  • 25+ customizable templates
  • Option to sell printed versions, or charge fees to use an online version
  • Secure online payments for easy registration and fee collection
  • Unlimited custom information
  • One-click label printing

Have questions, or want to see the power of PTOffice in action? Schedule a 30-minute worry free demo, or enjoy 10 days free to poke around and use the application.