New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Kids (Free Download)

A new year (and decade!) is upon us. So we’ve created a free template to help your kids reflect on 2019 and prepare new year’s resolutions for 2020.

Why is a New Year’s Resolution Important?

Part of thinking ahead to a new year is looking back and reflecting upon the wins and losses of the last one.

Teaching children about goals, and mapping them out to be tracked and improved upon throughout the year are good ways to instill responsibility. You can make this a fun exercise as part of their new year’s celebration.

By sitting with your child and working through a resolution template, you allow them to understand the themes and moments that are important to being a better version of themselves; themes that sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life throughout the year.

This is a visual tool for reminding them of the good habits and goals they want to build upon, and ones that can guide everyday life. We added a space for “when I grow up, I want to be…” so that as you collect these over the years, you can see your child’s evolution and answers to the questions.

Click here to download/save the 2020 New Year’s Resolution Template

Last Year’s Reflection Examples

Favorite moments and a few reflections from the previous year are good for sparking ideas when crafting resolutions in the next section. They’re also a fun way to look back together and re-live the memories. Here are some examples of reflections for you to adapt and list with your child:

  • A favorite activity or hobby from 2019
  • My favorite book, movie, or T.V. show of 2019
  • Favorite food from 2019
  • Best memory from 2019
  • The best place I visited in 2019
  • What could I have done better in 2019?

New Year’s Resolution Examples

Our template allows you to write down three (3) goals and how they’ll achieve them. This helps keep lofty goals anchored to reality and helps them see what steps they’ll have to take — and commit to — to ensure they achieve them. (EX: My goals is X; I will achieve by doing X.)

  • Commit to a better sleep schedule; going to bed by 8pm every week night (school nights), and 9pm on weekends
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables each day; replacing some snacks with at least TWO (2) fruits and vegetables, or helping get dinner ready and choosing the healthy items to cook
  • Finish weekly chores on time; setting a schedule for weekly chores on set days of the week
  • Tryout for a sport or club at school; picking one that will require 2-3 days a week of practice
  • Wear a seat belt on every car ride, no matter who is driving; buckling up before the vehicle moves
  • Cut T.V. and video game play in half; using T.V. games only on weekend or weekdays that I’m not in an activity, and outdoor activity is possible
  • Community service; sitting down and learning about a charity that I can help by doing my chores (donating portion of allowance)
  • Clean room; making bed daily, spending two days a week helping with laundry and folding, and daily picking up of toys and games
  • Anger or sadness journal; when I’m upset, I will write down what I’m feeling and can share if I want to.