Why this president moved to her new middle school PTO with PTOffice


If it’s not broken, why fix it?

Fayetteville, Ark. is home to McNair Middle School. But, this story actually begins down the road at Butterfield Trail Elementary School where, PTO president Sarah Maland learned the power of having a single tool for managing her organization’s members. Once her eldest moved on to middle school, she followed, with PTOffice in-tow.

Introducing a new system with a new PTO

Most people who have experienced taking over a PTO can confirm it is a lot of work. And, although she’d already been president at her kids’ elementary school, Sarah embraced an entirely new challenge when she moved to middle school PTO president and introduced a new application to her members.

When the majority didn’t want to try something new, and it was easy for others to rely on old applications, Sarah welcomed the opportunity to teach the power of PTOffice. “Everybody had a suggestion and gave referrals for what we should be using,” Sarah said. “But, after they learned how to use it, they loved it.”

A system that's running smoothly while catching everyone up to speed.

What used to consist of hours of data entry atop chasing down parent information forms has now become a single mass update and import at the beginning of year. Better yet, the dedicated parent portal allows families to update their listings on-the-fly meaning, their directories, sign ups, websites, and more are running with the most recently updated household information.

When August arrives, and McNair is in the first two weeks of school, there is a constant changing of classrooms and  student assignments. We worked with their organization to improve the relationship with the school’s data clerk, and streamline the initial movement at the beginning of the year. Now, a single mass update has changed the mood from ‘crazy’ to ‘controlled.’

Managing contacts and messages in one place.

When asked to name her favorite feature, Sarah says “I honestly don’t know if I have just one.”

The contacts feature paired with messenger allows her to see everyone in one place, and build out groups and lists specific to their operations. This means that exporting lists, or even creating directories, is a quick and painless motion that can be achieved by whichever admins she gives permissions to.

The application — available on both Apple and Android markets — was another way to update the group beyond helping her stay on top of everything. With in-app messages and auto-reminders, Sarah is about to begin a new year with even more control, and the ability to share friendly suggestions for those members who need some motivation.

01. Contact Management

Whether it’s data transfer from the school’s clerk or the parent portal live on the PTO website, Sarah has the confidence that everyone’s information is stored securely and readily available with instant updates.

02. Directories

With updates in real-time as member and household information is added, you’ll never have a missed assignment or message not received. And you’ll never chase down another pesky spreadsheet.

03. Messenger

Crafting emails and in-app text notifications gives you the power of a full communications team. Sign up reminders increase volunteer participation, allowing you to have a life outside of PTO.

We let their numbers do the talking


Number of active users


Annual sign ups & events


Monthly cost for PTOffice
The results

What they gained


Showing your work behind the scenes helps others feel inclined.


A system that helps you catch everyone up to speed. Everyone.


A single location for everything your organization needs.


The customer support to share ideas that are acted on.

PTOffice is totally different. No matter what I’ve needed, you’ve worked with me to make it happen.

Sarah Maland, PTO President