An easier way to manage all your

contacts and members

PTOffice makes collecting, updating and managing your membership a swift and smooth process for your organization.

online directory

Member directories

Enjoy best-in-class online or printed directories for your organization. Choose from over 15 printed directory templates.

Parent portals

Allows parents to update information and collect member fees with ease. PTOffice handles all kinds of family structures.

Transition and graduation

End-of-the-year turnover made easy by graduating students and transitioning groups and classrooms for you.

Sell multiple types of memberships that can limit parent capabilities


A complete membership platform for start-to-finish yearly activities

Everything you need to launch, manage and run a successful online organization is here.

Our comprehensive membership platform is equipped to help you build a powerful presence that your parents will love.

From a self-serving parent portal and fee management to online or printed directories - PTOffice has you covered.



Seamless membership management starts

with the right decision


When you choose PTOffice, you gain the ability to successfully manage contacts.

The platform is fully customizable and works to get your membership setup and off the ground in just a few clicks. Once you've signed up for free, the platform's entire suite of tools is at your disposal.

Build membership fees, create a directory, and decide which functionality you'd like your parents to have access to. Then launch your site to the membership and watch the parent activity spring to life!

Nothing is easier with the right platform on your side.

Special features

These flexible features make your contacts something special


Manage your contacts from a beautiful dashboard


Add groups, titles and set up custom fields for your members


Automatically graduate your students and transition to a new year with ease

Parent portals

These options can enhance your contact managment

Self updating

Let your parents update their information for you with a personal portal

Receipt management

Parents can view and request copies of receipts for themselves

Membership fees

Parents can view their payment status and pay right from their profile

Frequently asked questions

Ready to start managing your contacts with PTOffice? See answers to the most frequently asked questions about contact management.

Start managing your contacts online with PTOffice