Build directories in minutes

and not weeks

Spend less time creating and more time distributing directories

As such an integral part of running a PTA or PTO, we've created over 15 online and printed directory templates to deliver to members faster.

Dedicated parent portal

Instant system updates when a member updates their information

Sell your directories

The option to choose whether you sell printed directories or charge to use an online version

Easy registration & fee collection

Collect membership fees via credit card, check or cash and track paid versus unpaid

Printable & online versions

Options to offer an online directory, electric version for download, or printed version

Unlimited custom information

Collect any type of information from members to help you organize as you see fit

One-click label printing

Easily print mailing labels by grade, classroom, or group of your choice

Start Building A Directory
All members have the ability to hide or show various pieces of their contact information from your printed or online searchable directories. They can hide their email, cell, address, etc. from the public while still giving your organization access to it for future reference.
Using our push-button directory maker tool, you can create, customize and edit any one of our 15 directory templates. From there, you can easily save your creation as a PDF and send it off to the printer.