Build, update and display a professional membership directory in seconds

PTOffice makes launching an online membership directory a smooth and easy process.

member managment

Gather your member data

Easily import your members data, or turn on the parent portal to allow your members to add themselves to the directory.

Organize your membership

Organize your membership into grades, classrooms, boards and committees and allow members to search online by each.

Personal security

All directory searches require a login and parents can limit any information they do not wish to share in the directory.

Provide an online directory that attracts members to your site


A powerful online or printed directory for better member engagement

Provide always updating member directories for your membership.

PTOffice designed the platform to make it easy for you to gather member details to create easily accessible and updatable directories.

From building and designing a printed directory with the click of a button, to dragging and dropping an online membership search bar onto your website - PTOffice is here for you.



Great directories begin with up to date information


PTOffice gives you the ability to receive continuous membership updates for your directories.

The platform provides a simple member portal and is so simple to use that you'll have your members updating their contact information for you and your directory in just a few quick clicks. Sign up for free and have access to all the directory features.

Gather your membership information via import and/or the member portal, then choose the template you'd like for your printed directory and click run.

It's that simple.

Special features

These great features make your directory a breeze to setup


Make your directory available to members via the exclusive online search bar


Choose from over fifteen templates to create a hard copy directory for your members

Member Portal

Allow members to update their information and choose their privacy settings themselves

Directory Boosters

These added options make your directory even easier to create


Use or graduate feature to move students for new school years


Organize members into groups and allow directory searches by groups


Send reminder emails to members to update their contact information for your records

Frequently asked questions

Creating your first PTOffice directory? Here are the most frequently asked questions about membership directories.

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