Alone, we do so little. Together, we do so much.

Volunteering as PTO leaders after a sudden vacancy, my wife and I spent hundreds of hours chasing down volunteers, setting up fundraisers, and trying to keep it all together with a smile.

We were just like you. We knew firsthand how tough working on a small budget was, so, after years of planning and building, we’ve evolved tools to help make work easier and more efficient, for as little cost as possible.

Brent LaFoley, Founder & CEO

Our Values


We listen, listen again, and then listen some more to make sure we’re addressing all of our customer’s needs as best as possible.

That’s why we offer free support to all users. It helps us understand current PTA & PTO-specific issues and keeps us up to date on improvements that can be made to our application.

No solution is perfect. But, we can say with confidence that PTOffice is dedicated to evolving with the times and needs of our customers. And we’re unapologetically committed to that process.

No matter the time of day, nor the issue at hand, we embrace every support and sales call with a curiosity and willingness to learn.

Any company can espouse values — and many do — however, we start each day with the same promise of consistency to not only our users, but ourselves.


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