Online stores do

the selling for you


A simple store front with powerful features for you to operate behind the scenes

Easily setup a spirit or school gear store, sell tickets and event items all from your PTOffice account. And, above all, enjoy secure payment processing to keep operations running without a hassle.

Unlimited selling & customization

When we say unlimited, we mean it, and welcome custom text, options, and images

Custom pricing & offers

Offer flexible pricing and control availability to fit the needs of any item or product

Inventory & tracking

Export a list of every order to keep track of purchases and ensure inventory is updated

Unlimited Product Options

Specify product variants that can range from colors and sizes to dates and time blocks

Set quantities

Take pre-orders and manage the quantity of each item to ensure you're never over-selling

Complete oversight

A single app running stores means inventory, billing, and reports are all in-the-bag

Start Building Your Stores
Sell tickets, collect donations, or fill after school classes! Our store module allows you to see anything with unlimited options like colors, sizes and more!
In-depth reporting provides your treasurer with filtering, searching and exporting capabilities with just a click of the mouse!