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Easy to build. Powerful insights.

Create new forms, surveys and quizzes in minutes with the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form builder.

Multiple form types

Choose between creating a form, survey, poll or quiz. We've got it all.

Multi-step forms

Simplify your member's experience with basic step-through forms.

Calculation forms

Use calculations to quantify your member's responses into meaningful data.

Build a form for every situation imaginable


Collect valuable information from your membership.

Create all kinds of forms...

Flexible Forms

  • Expert, pre-made templates
  • Registration and login forms
  • Choose from 25+ form fields
  • Accept E-signatures
  • Customize form style / appearance
  • Easy form calculations
  • Apply conditional logic
  • Spam protection
  • Submission behavior
  • Manage submissions and data

Engaging Polls

  • Easily add questions and poll options
  • Interactive, dynamic poll settings
  • Add images to poll options
  • Easy display with shortcode
  • Display results after vote
  • Adjust colors, layout, and style
  • Flexible behavior settings
  • Add custom CSS

Interactive Quizzes

  • Create BuzzFeed-style quizzes
  • Add questions and answers
  • Flexible and easy to create
  • Add images at all stages
  • Capture leads
  • Email participants
  • Adjust design, layout, and style
  • Social sharing options



Valuable feedback begins with excellent forms


Use Forms to gather the data you need to make the most informed decisions possible.

With Forms, you can collect all kinds of information from your membership. Gather event feedback, perform opinion polls, and collect future ideas for later in the year.

With the use of features like calculation fields, you can even assign values to answers and make the data as meaningful as possible.

Special features

These great features make your forms even better


Change color schemes to match your organizations branding.

25+ Form fields

Collect text, radio buttons, checkboxes, dates and so much more.

Multi-step forms

Break your forms up into more meaningful and easier to follow pages.



Form Boosters


These additional options make your forms go into super charged mode

Calculation fields

Assign numeric values to your fields and build calculations amongst them.

Pre-made templates

Don't start from scratch. Use a pre-made template to get started and finished faster than ever.

Accept e-signatures

Need someone to sign off on their submission. Not a problem with our e-signature field.

Frequently asked questions

First time using Forms? Here are the most frequently asked questions.

Not at all! Forms is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder with a simple UX, meaning you can build advanced forms without any coding knowledge.

Absolutely not. Forms is built with peak performance in mind. From top to bottom, we developed everything to ensure the smoothest and fastest form module possible.

Of course! You can export your results from any form at any time.

Perform your next survery with Forms and PTOffice