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Project Notebooks

Don't re-invent the wheel. Forever committee binders.

Create and manage highly organized committee chair or event notebooks for your organization with PTOffice.

Note taking

Take all your notes for your next event and organize them into any format you desire. Extensive note taking is just the beginning.

Budget tracking

Not sure what you spent on supplies last year? Keep track of the entire budget with our simple budget tracking tool.

Easy transition

No more lost or stolen committee notebooks. Simply make a copy of last year's notebook and continue enhancing your committee or event.

Build a highly repeatable process with the use of notebooks


An extensive note taking tool for any committee or event manager

PTOffice has what you need to build a notebook that can be used year after year

Our elegant membership platform is ready to help you build exceptional notebooks to make stand-out committees and events that simply the planning and execution process.

From note taking and budget tracking, to powerful task management and event linking - PTOffice is the partner you need.







Free membership management doesn't limit your note taking potential

notebook setup

Drastically improve your ability to run extraordinary committees and events.

PTOffice lets you organize and track all of your committee or event's details when you create your notebook online. Just sign up for a Silver or Gold plan and get unlimited access to all the platform features.

Create a task, link it to an event date, and save all the details for that year. Next year's chair can simply make a copy of the notebook and update the event date - the platform will automatically update all your task due dates and tell you exactly what to do and when to do it to make your committee or event as successful as ever!

Managing a committee or event has never been easier than this.



Special features



These special features make your notebooks better

Budget tracking

Keep track of your committee or event expenses year over year

Event linking

Link to an event and watch your task due dates auto-update for you

Task management

List all the activities it takes to run a committee or event

Notebook boosters

These helpful features boost your committee or event's success


Share a notebook via link to recruit new volunteers and allow them to see all the details of what to expect when they volunteer.


Simple transition between annual chairs with event date based auto-updating tasks for repeatable events


Record and manage hard sought out event sponsors from year to year

Frequently asked questions

Creating your first PTOffice notebook? Here are key answers to your most frequently asked questions.

PTOffice does not limit the number of notebooks you can create. We want all your committees and events to improve year over year.

Not at this time. We made our budget tool as simple as possible, so even the most inexperienced user can track their expenses and revenue from year to year.

Of course. You can attach any meaningful file to your notebook that has to do with your committee or event.

Create your next committee or event notebook with PTOffice