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Volunteer Signups

Advanced signups. Incredible recruitment.

PTOffice makes building amazing signups a straightforward process for your organization.

Mobile friendly

Create first-class signups with customizable features that auto-adapt for mobile access by your members.

Tasks, slots or shifts

Create tasks, slots or even shifts and group them in logical sections to drastically increase volunteerism from your membership.

Email reminders

Automatically send email reminders to your volunteers to remove the "I forgot I signed up" excuse we all dread.

Attract volunteers and fill your signups with eager helpers in no time


A dynamic volunteer platform for exceptional signup experiences


Get exactly what you need to effectively manage high volume signup volunteers.


Our flexible signup platform was made to help you create professional sign ups that attract and retain more volunteers, for better overall engagement.


From volunteer categorization and listings, to system email customizations - PTOffice has what you need.

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Simple online signups that keep volunteers coming back

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With PTOffice you're able to launch highly effective signups in no time.


The platform lets you customize every element, and you'll have your signup running in minutes. Once you've signed up, the platform's entire suite of tools is at your disposal.

Choose your slot type, list the items you need volunteers for, and personalize your page. Then promote your sign up far and wide, and watch the volunteers pour in!

The automated volunteer email system does the reminding part for you.


Special features

These useful features make your signup easy to run


Add images, customize descriptions and organize tasks how you see fit


View current volunteers, add new volunteers, and run reports at any time


Copy a sign up and archive the old one - allowing year after year success


Signup boosters

These options make your signup stand out


Automatically send volunteers reminders at any interval before their task is due


Organize tasks on your sign up to ensure ease-of-use and signup effectiveness


Limit specific signups to contact groups and/or require passwords to sign up

Frequently asked questions

Creating your first sign up? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions on auction fundraisers here.

Absolutely! Your volunteer can either log in to add their sign up to their account, or they can simply sign up as a guest.

Yes they can! PTOffice is designed to allow people to add volunteer spots to their cart and checkout all in one simple process!

Yes, this is very common. Each sign up has the ability to either be copied or can be specifically created using our recurrence functionality. Sign ups can repeat on almost any interval you can imagine.

Create your volunteer sign ups with PTOffice