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You focus on the ideas.

We'll focus on the software.

It's a full-time PTOffice expert managing your entire account for you - member management, registrations, signups, stores and more!

online directory

Member management

We'll set up your registration process, help families register, build an online directory and even provide on-demand reports!

Store and sign up help

No need to learn the product - just tell us what you'd like and we'll set it all up for you - stores, sign ups, directories and more.

Transition and graduation

Let us handle the beginning and end of year tasks for you. Our experts will always keep your organization organized and engaging.

Spend more time brainstorming and less time managing software


A team of PTO/PTA experts to maximize

your group's impact

Everything you could wish for in a dedicated team to support your organization.

The PTOffice full-service support option takes all the headaches and uncertainty away that comes along with setting up your online account.

It's like having a dedicated employee to serve your group's every whim!



Better parent engagement starts with

proper set up and execution


The full-service option enhances and streamlines your organization's efforts.

We'll work with you to develop a strategy to best fit your organization's needs. We strive to understand your goals and align our support activities around them.

We'll provide recommendations - like fundraising option - to increase activity and engagement of your members.

We'll handle all your parent's questions in a timely manner and make sure your membership gets maximum attention.

From start to finish - every year is better with PTOffice.



How much does the Full-Service option cost?

Simple pricing for a complex job.


Not all organizations have the time, technical resources or staff to run a top-of-the-line organization with hundreds (or even thousands) of members - resulting in thousands of hours and dollars in missed opportunities.

Our full-service option is the perfect blend of cost and benefit. A fixed cost is applied to your annual subscription of PTOffice.

Frequently asked questions

Ready to start managing your members with PTOffice? See answers to the most frequently asked questions about contact management.

Once the agreement is signed, a PTOffice expert will contact you to:

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization.
  2. Set up your organization's various options to ensure it's exactly what you're looking for.
  3. Set up and embed a support email address for your members.
  4. Provide recommendations for enhancing your efforts.
  5. Provide ongoing support.
  6. Manage the 'closing' and final reporting of your year.

Of course. In fact, not only can we manage them for you, we can also recommend specific types of fundraisers depending on your needs!

Absolutely not. You can always choose to run your own PTOffice account.

Because website development is extremely individualistic, PTOffice does not provide website design work as part of this option. That being said, you can work side-by-side with a PTOffice expert to help build your site out. We can show you how to do it (and typically do it for you), but it does require you to know what you would like and where.

Let experts manage your PTOffice account today!