Site Transition

PTOffice is excited to announce the release of our new website platform!


These changes increase speed, improve security and drastically improve functionality. If you are an existing customer and expect to continue using PTOffice after 12/31/23, we highly recommend setting up an online session with us to learn more.


Some important things to keep in mind during the move...

  2. The current system will stay active until 12/31/23 to allow you to copy or move anything you might need beyond what we're bringing over from below.
  3. We will cancel your current subscription to the old system (so it doesn't renew in the old system) and send you an invoice for the new system on your renewal date (we are providing one year at the same pricing as your last year). We have an entirely new billing portal where you can view invoices, receipts and manage payment methods.
  4. You will need a private domain. If you already own one, we can use that without an issue. If you need one, you will need to purchase one from either us, or GoDaddy, etc. If you would like to purchase it from us, it is $25/year and we will map the domain to the new servers for you and get you up and running.
  5. We will import your current contact list into the new system. BE SURE YOU HAVE PEOPLE IN THE CORRECT GRADES PRIOR TO US DOING THIS. Our import process does not include Household 2 information, so those users will need to register (it's very simple now). As a side note, we have noticed that very few Household 2 people registered in the old system, so this should have minimal impact.
  6. We will import up to the last three years of media files (2021, 2022, 2023) into your new site (space permitting).
  7. We will bring over any immediate need sign ups, stores, or notebooks on your request. Please provide EXACT names of the items you'd like to move. With some of the new features we've added in the new system, you may be required to provide additional data to finalize the item and publish it.
  8. The new website has some really great new features, but it will change some of the look a bit (not the pages or content, but rather the header area - example here). We think you'll love it, but wanted you to know. We'll bring over the new site and its pages.
  9. The new system is extremely customizable! We can remove or add various components, storage, memory, etc. for an additional cost if desired.

If, after reviewing these points, you would like to set up a meeting to discuss this move in-person, please set up an online meeting with us HERE.