Notebooks ensure

nothing gets lost


Keep committee chair notes in a single online location that will send reminders for tasks

Whether it's losing to a spilled drink, a feisty child or pet, theft, or misplacing them entirely, your event and organization notes will never be lost again.

Add event or activity notes

Track what went well and what needs improvement for recalling and yearly turnover

Budget overview

Track budgets, record costs, and revenues for your annual events and fundraisers

Tasks & reminders

Set task due dates with auto-email reminders to stay prepared for future happenings

Link to PTOffice features

Create sign ups and events and link the start dates to auto-build the next year's notebook

Record sponsors

Keep a record of who sponsored what, and the value it provided the organization

Volunteer summaries

Export single-page summaries for inclusion in a volunteer recruitment booklet

Start Creating Your Notebooks
Accessible from the top menu under ‘Notebooks’, we’ve provided a digital version of your organization’s committee chair notes that can be customized for any event, sign up or fundraiser.
Customize a combination of your notes, budget, sponsors, attachments, and tasks to ensure next year’s committee chair isn’t left in the dark.