Avoid Grade Plummeting (Infographic)


By working together with your child to create a plan, you can rectify grade plummeting proactively and not reactively and harbor a stronger sense of trust and communication that lasts long after their struggle. Infographic Summary 1. What’s Considered ‘Grade Plummeting’? Although there’s not an official definition for grade plummeting, we consider it to be…

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Re-Organizing Study Areas for Improved Productivity (Infographic)


Organizing Study Areas | Infographic Summary 1. De-Cluttering & Re-Arranging Start by taking a hard look at what you have (and don’t actually need) in the study environment, enacting a layout that prioritizes the following areas. 2. Organize Materials After you’ve removed the unnecessary items and put a new layout to work, you’ll want to…

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Help Kids with Homework (Infographic)


For those who don’t have a routine — or even those who do — our infographic gives insight on types of learning, and tips for creating an environment where homework can be a positive experience for you and your kids. Types of Learning Styles It’s important to understand the type of learning style (or styles)…

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