Gift Teacher School Supplies


There are separate rules when it comes to gifting teachers personally versus gifts for the classroom. If you’re looking to reward them individually at the end of a school year, or just because in the middle of the year, it’s wise to avoid classroom supplies. However, if you’re looking to gift the teacher(s) in your…

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Avoid Grade Plummeting (Infographic)


By working together with your child to create a plan, you can rectify grade plummeting proactively and not reactively and harbor a stronger sense of trust and communication that lasts long after their struggle. Infographic Summary 1. What’s Considered ‘Grade Plummeting’? Although there’s not an official definition for grade plummeting, we consider it to be…

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5 Tips for Parents to Communicate with Teachers


Both parents and teachers have hectic schedules and a million things going on at once. Though bridging the communication gap will ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to helping the children. As a parent-teacher group, you have a unique opportunity to facilitate the communication to ensure neither are overwhelmed throughout the…

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Help Kids with Homework (Infographic)


For those who don’t have a routine — or even those who do — our infographic gives insight on types of learning, and tips for creating an environment where homework can be a positive experience for you and your kids. Types of Learning Styles It’s important to understand the type of learning style (or styles)…

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Parent Communication 101


To fully understand parent communication — and build a strategy around your different types of members — you’ll be required to have a basic acceptance of “one size doesn’t fit all.” You’re mistaken if you think a communication strategy will be perfect because, well, it just can’t. The main goal of your parent communication strategy…

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