Be more than

just a messenger


Craft emails and in-app texts to keep every member up to speed

No more of the "I didn't get that." We supply the tools for you to build well-thought and beautiful messages that significantly increase volunteering and engagement.

Drag-n-drop message building

Create emails or in-app text messages, save recipients to new groups, preview prior to sending, or schedule for later

Create newsletter templates

Craft and save newsletters that resonate with members and save you from having to re-create each and every time you send

Auto-address capability

Send messages to grades, classrooms, boards, or any other group knowing our system will always send to an updated list

Include attachments & links

Recall upon media or information within your PTOffice account, or add new items that your members can easily access

Fully adaptive platform

Whether you're using desktop, tablet, or mobile, the experience and results are the same no matter the given resolution

Comprehensive analytics & tracking

The ability to track the deliverability of each message, and confidence to know who is - and isn't - receiving things

Start Crafting Your Messages
A visual breakdown of opened versus unopened. Soft bounces and hard bounces. Unique opens, unique clicks, and rejected all-in-one place.
A list of contacts mentioned in the statistics PTOffice tracks with each email send.
Build your emails and in-app text messages around select contacts and groups. Or even build a new group while crafting a particular message.