Send stunningly beautiful messages to inspire action from your membership

Create remarkable email and in-app communication when you use the PTOffice messenger.

email cloud

Beautiful emails

Send images, attachments or links. Add unlimited recipients and select them from your pre-built contact groups.
in app message

In-app messaging

Members enjoy multiple options for receiving communications. Send messages via the in-app tool to have it show up on their mobile device.

Full statistics

See every read, bounce or decline by your members when you send them a message. The platform has full statistics on every email.

Boost communication among members with a beautiful template


A drag-and-drop email system for sending high impact communications

Access the full suite of PTOffice's Messenger features for powerful emails that make a difference.

Our dynamic platform was designed to help you simplify communication across your organization, and your members.

From auto-generated email distribution lists, to newsletter templates and other options - PTOffice has what you need.

email setup


Powerful editing tools do the hard work for you


Traditional emailing tools once made communications a challenge. Now it's easy!

PTOffice gives you the ability to customize, automate and effectively manage all communications to your membership without any time-consuming manual work or limitations.

The professional platform feels easy to customize, and connects you to a wide range of useful features that simplify and super-power your team's messaging goals.

Get unlimited creative control with PTOffice in your corner.

Special features

These powerful features make your messenger one-of-a-kind


Build a custom templates for your newsletters for use month over month


Select recipients from pre-built contact groups - send by grade, classroom and more

Send later

Send email immediately or schedule them to be sent at a later date and time


These built-in tools make it easy to maximize engagement


View reports on opens, clicks, bounces and rejections on every email

Drag and Drop

Use our simple drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful, mobile ready emails

In-app option

Send message within the app itself and alert members of special information

Frequently asked questions

Ready to send your first message? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about a-thon fundraisers here.

Improve communication effectiveness with PTOffice